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VPN Client with NSLU2 and OpenWrt

Login again in your hacked nslu2 Install needed package:

# ipkg install ppp openvpn chat openntpd

# ipkg install

And let configure them:

# vi /etc/ntpd.conf

server server server # or a ntp server near you server # or another ntp server near you listen on *

# /etc/init.d/ntpd […]

Configure OpenWrt on Nslu2

Point a browser to your new nslu2 IP (in my case and set a new password. Set your time zone (with web interface is easier 😉 ) Login into your nslu2 with ssh (user root, password whichever password you set previously) Disable Web interface (we don’t need it 😉 ):

# /etc/init.d/webif disable


Install OpenWrt on Nslu2

Download latest version of openwrt binaries from (or for development version) Install UpSlug2 (utility to upgrade the firmware of a LinkSys NSLU2 via the network), into Debian-based system, simply type “apt-get install upslug2” Put Nslu2 in upgrade mode (hold-on the reset switch, turn-on the nslu2, wait 10 seconds until “Ready/Status” led blink […]

Nslu2 RS232 – Adding serial connector

Adding a serial port to our nslu2 is very easy. You can solder a Male or a Female DB9 serial connector, remember, if you use a male connector (such a normal pc) you can plug any kind of serial device and you it as a console port (with a correct cable); if you […]