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Backup and restore Mikrotik MetaRouter Openwrt Image

On original metarouter: cd / echo “ ./tmp/* ./proc/* ./sys/*” > /tmp/exclude.list tar zcvf /tmp/newimage.tgz -X /tmp/exclude.list . On original Mikrotik: /metarouter export Start the new metarouter with the SAME original image when it is booted, login to it and copy the /tmp/newimage.tgz from the original one: scp original_metarouter:/tmp/newimage.tgz /tmp and restore it: cd / […]

Mikrotik – Load Balancer and Failover (and traffic prioritization)

Searching far and wide on the web looking for a solution to my problem (have a mikrotik router that do load balance and failover), I came to the conclusion that a complete solution doesn’t exist.

So I started taking all the scripts and docs found and putting them together…. The result is a working system […]

Check-MK Mikrotik Plugin for Voltage – Temperature – Memory

I just finished to write my first SNMP check for check_mk 🙂 These checks are for query mikrotik routerboard device and check status of voltage (power supply), temperature and memory. For memory I simly edit the hr_mem check, I don’t know why but mikrotik use hrOtherDisk instead of hrRamDisk for internal ram. I’ve also add […]

Tunnel IPIP between RouterOs and Linux

This is a small tutorial on how to establish an IPIP tunnel between a Linux Debian server and a Mikrotik RouterOs.

Linux Machine:

ip tunnel add tun0 mode ipip remote <remote_ip_address> local <local_ip_address> ip link set tun0 up ip addr add dev tun0

Mikrotik RouterBoard:

/interface ipip add local-address=<local_address> remote-address=<remote_address> /ip address add address= […]

OpenVPN Linux Server – Router OS Client

Launch this commands:





cd /etc/ssl

mkdir $CATOP

mkdir $CATOP/certs

mkdir $CATOP/crl

mkdir $CATOP/newcerts

mkdir $CATOP/private

echo “00” > $CATOP/serial

echo “00” > $CATOP/crlnumber

touch $CATOP/index.txt

export OPENSSL_CONF=/etc/ssl/essetigiCA.cnf

copy /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf to personalCA.cnf and edit OrganizationName, Country, State, ecc fields.

Then execute:

openssl req -new -keyout $CATOP/private/$CAKEY -out $CATOP/$CAREQ

write a complex passhprase […]