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SheevaPlug Debian booting from internal Flash

If you previosuly installed Debian on your internal flash and for some reasons your u-boot environment f**k you can simply restore it with this:

setenv mtdpartitions mtdparts=nand_mtd:0xa0000@0x0(u-boot),0x400000@0x100000(uImage),0x1fb00000@0x500000(rootfs)

setenv bootargs_root ubi.mtd=2 root=ubi0:rootfs rootfstype=ubifs

setenv bootargs_console console=ttyS0,115200

setenv bootcmd_nand ‘nand read.e 0x00800000 0x00100000 0x00400000’

setenv bootcmd ‘setenv bootargs $(bootargs_console) $(mtdpartitions) $(bootargs_root); run bootcmd_nand; bootm 0x00800000’


This saved me, hope that can help you 😉

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