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Backup and restore Mikrotik MetaRouter Openwrt Image

On original metarouter: cd / echo “ ./tmp/* ./proc/* ./sys/*” > /tmp/exclude.list tar zcvf /tmp/newimage.tgz -X /tmp/exclude.list . On original Mikrotik: /metarouter export Start the new metarouter with the SAME original image when it is booted, login to it and copy the /tmp/newimage.tgz from the original one: scp original_metarouter:/tmp/newimage.tgz /tmp and restore it: cd / […]

openWrt non-standard module compiling

Now I want to use an easycap DC60 device also on my NSLU2 with openwrt, so similar for sheevaplug i’ve to compile the module.

All the operations described here are executed on a standard i686 linux pc (debian).

Download openwrt 8.09.2 and default config file:

cd /usr/src/nslu2/test svn checkout svn:// 8.09.2 wget

go into […]

em28xx on Nslu2 – OpenWrt

svn checkout svn:// kamikaze

or svn checkout svn:// 8.09.2 cd kamikaze

./scripts/feeds update

edit ./package/kernel/modules/ adding these lines: ————- define KernelPackage/video-em28xx SUBMENU:=$(VIDEO_MENU) TITLE:=Em28xx support DEPENDS:=@LINUX_2_6 @USB_SUPPORT +kmod-usb-core +kmod-video-core KCONFIG:=CONFIG_VIDEO_EM28XX FILES:=$(LINUX_DIR)/drivers/media/video/em28xx/em28xx.$(LINUX_KMOD_SUFFIX) AUTOLOAD:=$(call AutoLoad,70,em28xx) endef

define KernelPackage/video-em28xx/description Kernel modules for supporting Empia video capture devices. endef

$(eval $(call KernelPackage,video-em28xx)) —————

make menuconfig (choose option needed by us)