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Install OpenWrt on Nslu2

  • Download latest version of openwrt binaries from (or for development version)
  • Install UpSlug2 (utility to upgrade the firmware of a LinkSys NSLU2 via the network), into Debian-based system, simply type “apt-get install upslug2”
  • Put Nslu2 in upgrade mode (hold-on the reset switch, turn-on the nslu2, wait 10 seconds until “Ready/Status” led blink alternatively red/green, release reset switch)
  • Connect network cable 😉
  • On command line type: upslug2 – you should receive an output similar to this one:

etch:~/nslu2/709# upslug2
NSLU2     00:14:bf:70:dc:86 Product ID: 1 Protocol ID: 0 Firmware Version: R23V63 [0x2363]

  • Now upload the downloaded image:

etch:~/nslu2/709# upslug2 -i openwrt-kamikaze-7.09-nslu2.bin

  • The ouput should end with:

Rebooting… done

  • Now, if you have a DHCP server enabled on your network, Nslu2 take IP address from it.

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