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Debian Wheezy install on SheevaPlug MMC/SD

In this howto I’m going to explain how to install debian wheezy on a sheevaplug SD (i want to maintain my old squeeze on NAND flash). We need at least Marvell U-boot 3.4.19.

We assume that our server is and sheeva ip is

Setup TFTP server and download these file on tftp root […]

Clonezilla PXE Setup

We assume that our server has ip, and root directory of tftp server is /srv/tftp

Download and on a local directory and unzip them. Obviously you can use only one of them.

# wget

# tar xjvf syslinux-4.04.tar.bz2 # cp syslinux-4.04/core/pxelinux.0 /srv/tftp/ # cp syslinux-4.04/com32/menu/vesamenu.c32 /srv/tftp # mkdir /srv/tftp/clonezilla-amd64 # cp […]

openWrt non-standard module compiling

Now I want to use an easycap DC60 device also on my NSLU2 with openwrt, so similar for sheevaplug i’ve to compile the module.

All the operations described here are executed on a standard i686 linux pc (debian).

Download openwrt 8.09.2 and default config file:

cd /usr/src/nslu2/test svn checkout svn:// 8.09.2 wget

go into […]

SheevaPlug non-standard module compiling

Howto compile a module for sheeva without standard kernel headers

I’ve bought an EasyCap DC60 and i’ve found this fantastic driver for it:

Obviously they aren’t available for our sheevaplug so i’m looking through the web on how to compile it,finally I was able to do it, this is the howto.

We suppose that […]

Recompile Kernel for SheevaPlug

Howto recompile a custom kernel for our SheevaPlug:

In this example we suppose that our pc has ip, and the network has dhcp. First of all install packages needed:

apt-get install git-core build-essential

Then download the latest kernel from Marvell:

cd /usr/src git clone git://

Then set default config for SheevaPlug:

cd orion make […]

BlackBerry Bold 9700 as Linux Modem

In questa breve guida andrò ad illustrare come usare il nostro BlackBerry Storm 9700 quale modem HSDPA/UMTS/GPRS. Ovviamente il metodo illustrato funziona con (teoricamente) qualsiasi terminale BlackBerry.

Il tutto è reso possibile dal software prodotto da NetDirect, Barry. Scarichiamolo a questo indirizzo

Grazie a barry (in particolare l’eseguibile è pppob) ci viene fornita una […]

em28xx on Nslu2 – OpenWrt

svn checkout svn:// kamikaze

or svn checkout svn:// 8.09.2 cd kamikaze

./scripts/feeds update

edit ./package/kernel/modules/ adding these lines: ————- define KernelPackage/video-em28xx SUBMENU:=$(VIDEO_MENU) TITLE:=Em28xx support DEPENDS:=@LINUX_2_6 @USB_SUPPORT +kmod-usb-core +kmod-video-core KCONFIG:=CONFIG_VIDEO_EM28XX FILES:=$(LINUX_DIR)/drivers/media/video/em28xx/em28xx.$(LINUX_KMOD_SUFFIX) AUTOLOAD:=$(call AutoLoad,70,em28xx) endef

define KernelPackage/video-em28xx/description Kernel modules for supporting Empia video capture devices. endef

$(eval $(call KernelPackage,video-em28xx)) —————

make menuconfig (choose option needed by us)


Install Debian HotSpot server

NB: this is only a memo for me, i’m going to rewrite it in a decent way 😛

Install a fresh Debian lenny

apt-get update && apt-gt dist-upgrade

apt-get install build-essentials devscripts libssl-dev

cd /usr/src

wget (or the latest one) tar xzf coova-chilli-1.Y.X.tar.gz cd coova-chilli-1.Y.X/ debuild -b cd .. dpkg -i coova-chilli_1.Y.X-Z_ARCH.deb apt-get install […]

Huawei E220 – NSLU2 OpenWrt

#ipkg install

VPN Client with NSLU2 and OpenWrt

Login again in your hacked nslu2 Install needed package:

# ipkg install ppp openvpn chat openntpd

# ipkg install

And let configure them:

# vi /etc/ntpd.conf

server server server # or a ntp server near you server # or another ntp server near you listen on *

# /etc/init.d/ntpd […]