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Install Debian HotSpot server

NB: this is only a memo for me, i’m going to rewrite it in a decent way 😛

Install a fresh Debian lenny

apt-get update && apt-gt dist-upgrade

apt-get install build-essentials devscripts libssl-dev

cd /usr/src

wget (or the latest one)
tar xzf coova-chilli-1.Y.X.tar.gz
cd coova-chilli-1.Y.X/
debuild -b

cd ..
dpkg -i coova-chilli_1.Y.X-Z_ARCH.deb

apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5  cedar-backup2 frox squid
apt-get install bzip2 cdrdao cdrecord chrony
apt-get install mysql-server freeradius freeradius-mysql
apt-get install genisoimage mkisofs
apt-get install mysql-server maradns iptraf hdparm
apt-get install nut ntpdate nullmailer nut-usb
apt-get install pwgen php5-mysql phpmyadmin arping
apt-get install setserial smartmontools tofrodos ulogd lm-sensors hddtemp

dpkg-reconfigure -plow nullmailer

chmod 750 /usr/sbin/arping
chgrp operator /usr/sbin/arping
chmod u+s /usr/sbin/arping

./configure make make install

adduser backup cdrom
adduser www-data dialout
adduser --disabled-login --no-create-home --home /opt/frox --system --ingroup nogroup frox
adduser --no-create-home --home /tmp --ingroup operator --system --disabled-password hotspot
mkdir /opt/frox /opt/squid
mkdir /mnt/backup/collect /mnt/backup/hotspot /mnt/backup/stage /mnt/backup/tmp
mkdir /mnt/log/coova /mnt/log/frox /mnt/log/iptables /mnt/log/squid

export PS1='$(hostname -f):\w\$ ' in /root/.bashrc

in /etc
frox.conf cback.conf hosts modules smartd.conf syslog.conf ulogd.conf

abilitare i due eth e disabilitare il default

/etc/chilli (editare)
/etc/cron.d -> hotspot_status archive_log cedar-backup2
/etc/default -> chilli frox smartmontools
/etc/logrotate.d/ -> squid iptables_log
/etc/squid/squid.conf (editare)

controllare file per ip e hosts

chown proxy.proxy /opt/squid/
squid -z

chown frox.nogroup /opt/frox/
chown frox.nogroup /mnt/log/frox
chown proxy.proxy /mnt/log/squid

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